Shoulder Surgery In Thailand

Thailand’s world-renown clinics specialized on orthopedic procedure, often set in breathtaking surroundings, make this remarkable land even more appealing to the health traveler, particularly in a world now more conscious of high quality medical services and innovative strategies and technologies. Therefore shoulder surgery procedures offered by Thai orthopedic clinics are the best choice combining the attractiveness of an affordable cost with the excellence of high quality services.

As the shoulder is the most complex and unstable joint in the body, it can get injured easily. Many surgeries have been developed to repair the muscles, connective tissue or damaged joints that can arise from traumatic or overuse injuries to the shoulder.

Benefits of the Shoulder Surgery in Thailand 

Improved range of motion
Improved function (ability to perform daily activities)
Significant shoulder pain relief
Better shoulder stability

Useful Facts Regarding Shoulder Surgery in Thailand

– Surgery Length: 1 – 2 Hours
– Anesthesia: General Anesthesia
– Hospital Stay: 3-5 days
– Stay in Thailand: 7 days
– Recovery: Walking in 3-5 days.
– Procedure Cost: Depending on the procedure and on the difficulty of the procedure

The shoulders are among the most important joints in the human body. Unfortunately, as we age our shoulders can wear out plus they may be subject to debilitating conditions such as arthritis, disease, or other injuries.

Shoulder Surgery In Thailand

List of Main Shoulder Surgeries:

1.Dislocated Shoulder
2.Tendonitis, bursitis, and impingement syndrome
3.Rotator cuff tear
5.Arthritis of the shoulder (glenohumeral joint)
6.Shoulder Joint Replacement Procedure

a.Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery
b.Partial Shoulder Replacement Surgery
c.Rotator Cuff Surgery
d.Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement

While the conventional shoulder surgery needed large incisions, arthroscopic technique has enabled performing shoulder surgery through small incisions. An arthroscope is a small, flexible, tube like instrument with a light source and a tiny video camera attached to it.

Arthroscopic surgery has many advantages over the traditional open surgery. Some of these are:

– Less tissue damage due to smaller incisions
– Quicker recovery as compared to open surgery
– Less postoperative pain
– Generally does not require overnight stay in the hospital
– Fewer complications of surgery

Top Destinations for Shoulder Surgeries in Thailand

 Shoulder Surgery in Thailand at Yanhee Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

 Shoulder Surgery in Thailand at Bangpakok 9 International Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

 Shoulder Surgery in Thailand at Vejthani Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand

 Shoulder Surgery in Thailand at Bangkok Hospital Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand

Thai people are renowned for their outstanding hospitality, one reason why Thailand is one of Asia’s top tourism destinations. Service and graciousness characterize profoundly the clinical experience as well.

It is no wonder that Western healthcare providers should really examine Thailand’s version of patient-centered care!


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