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Stem cell research is a constantly growing field in the medical treatment, and has led to better advance in terms of patient success. The stem cell treatment in Mexico can be used to treat serious medical conditions such as various forms of cancer, brain/spinal conditions, heart disease and diabetes.

The stem cell research and treatments (including regenerative theories and methodologies) are currently under study in Mexico.


Types of Stem Cell Treatment Available in Mexico

There are plenty of stem cell therapies that are currently being analyzed or used to treat a wide range of medical conditions. These are:

  • Stem cell transplants using umbilical cord blood
  • Therapeutic cloning
  • Adult stem cell transplants using bone marrow stem cells
  • Adult stem cell transplants using peripheral stem cells

Stem cell therapies have ended up showing positive results in different medical conditions, including diabetes, vision problems, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis, and other neurological disease processes. Mexican stem cell therapy centers provide alternative medical treatments and stem cell therapies using a multidisciplinary approach to medicine.  Specializing in placental and umbilical cord stem cell therapies, facilities like the regenerative medicine clinics in Mexico make use of adult stem cell therapies to treat many medical conditions.


  • Lower rate of treatment rejection, as the stem cells are harvested directly from the patient
  • High success rates for many conditions previously thought to be untreatable
  • The prospect to treat of a number of birth defects, infertility problems and pregnancy loss.
  • Great potential in the treatment of a number of conditions, such as spinal cord injuries, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, cancer, diabetes and many others.
  • Less side effects than older and conventional forms of treatment
  • Typically performed as an outpatient procedure, depending on the type of condition involved, as well as the patient’s background


CityName of the ClinicTreatmentPrice
Nuevo ProgresoIntegra Medical CenterParkinsons Disease$14,000
Alzheimers Disease $14,000
Alzheimers Disease$10,500
Parkinsons Disease$10,500
Kidney Failure$9,000
Diabetes$6,500 - $9,000
Rheumatoid Arthritis$5,500 - $8,500
Retinitis Pigmentosa$6,500 - $9,500
Bone Marrow$4,500 - $7,500
Lung Diseases$6,500 - $9,000

Top Medical Centers

Integra Medical Center, Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

Treatments & Procedures:

  • Stem Cell Treatments
  • Integrative Medicine

Cell Therapy Integra Medical Center Nuevo Progreso, Mexico

ProgenCell, Tijuana, Mexico

Treatments & Procedures:

  • Stem Cell Treatments

Progencell-Stem Cell Therapies, Tijuana, Mexico


Stem Cell Therapy is still an experimental treatment. Any information related to stem cell therapy provided in this website is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace a consultation with a licensed physician nor be construed as medical advice or any emergency health need you may be expecting.

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