Breast Cancer Hospitals in Turkey

Top Breast Cancer Hospitals in Turkey

Turkey is a renowned health and tourist destination worldwide. They are known to provide outstanding healthcare because aside from welcoming attitude and superb climate, they already have an established medical tourism industry. Other than that, their hospital facilities are at par with global standards and are very affordable compared to its European neighbors. Among the country’s specializations include eye, ear, nose & throat, orthopedics, cardiac care, LASIK technology, cosmetic and plastic surgery, dentistry, hair transplant and cancer treatments.

There are many Cancer Centers in Turkey that offer affordable breast cancer therapies. You are in good hands when you get your cancer treatment in Turkey as they are furnished with the newest cancer technology facilities as they use a variety of sophisticated treatment methods such as Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy, TrueBeam STX with Novalis and Brachytherapy with Truebeam among others.  Most cancer centers are I.S.O 9001 certified, and cancer specialists are trained, licensed and experienced. Moreover, these cancer centers already have a reputation in offering wordl-class cancer treatment at practical costs. These hospitals include Acibadem Healthcare Group, Neolife Medical Center, and Kent Hospital.

Neolife Medical Center is a cancer center that offers contemporary treatment procedures for cancer. Further, their cancer treatments are geared towards a holistic approach because aside from treatments, they provide psychological and social support programs to their cancer patients.

Kent Hospital is one of the largest, well-equipped hospitals located in southeastern Europe that specializes in diagnostic and interventional Oncology and Radiology, as well as  Bone Marrow Transplant for breast cancer.

Acibadem Healthcare Group is JCI-certified health institution that offer specialize in surgery, radiotherapy, radiosurgery, chemotherapy of breast cancer.

Benefits of Breast Cancer Treatment

  • Delivers a selection of cancer treatments from Radiation to Medical Oncology and a lot more!
  • Internationally-renowned oncologists and doctors
  • Only uses current cancer treatment technologies
  • Customized cancer treatments to suit needs and budget constraints
  • Combined treatment methods for cancer
  • Existent Tumor Councils to help diagnose and treat each cancer patient


CityName of the ClinicBone Marrow TransplantIntensity Modulated Radiation TherapyRadiotherapyChemotherapy
Istanbul, TurkeyNeolife$10,400$10,150 - $20,300$1,268 - $3,806
Izmir, TurkeyKent Hospital$70,000 - $120,000

Top Medical Centers

Acibadem Healthcare Group, Istanbul, Turkey

Treatments & Procedures:

  • Cancer treatment
  • Brain & nervous system
  • Heart care
  • General surgery
  • Chest surgery
  • Orthopedics
  • ENT
  • Eye center
  • Dentistry & Oral surgery
  • Hair transplant
  • Obesity
  • Infertility
  • Urology

Acibadem Healthcare Group, Istanbul, Turkey

Kent International Hospital, Izmir, Turkey

Treatments & Procedures:

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
  • Heart Valve Replacement Surgery
  • Hip Replacement Surgery
  • Knee Replacement Surgery
  • Spinal Fusion

Kent International Hospital Turkey

Neolife Medical Center, Istanbul, Turkey

Treatments & Procedures:

  • Oncology
  • Cancer Treatments
  • Immunotherapy
  • Radiotherapy

Neolife Medical Center, Istanbul, Turkey

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Treatments & Procedures:

  • Bone Marrow Transplant
  • Cancer Treatments
  • Breast Cancer 
  • Radiotherapy

Hisar Intercontinental Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey

Fight the breast cancer disease with hope and by having your treatments at breast cancer hospitals in Turkey!

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