Best Oncologists in Turkey

Foreign patients travel each year to Turkey to receive treatment in private centers. Turkey is a top medical destination, a convenient geographic location, with relatively low medical costs and reputed allegiance to EU healthcare standards. Also, Turkey does not require a visa to more than 60 countries. As the prevalence of cancer cases is increasing globally, effective diagnosis and treatment methods are demanded with great stringency, which is why Turkish oncological centers apply up-to-date treatment protocols and customized treatment programs for patients. Turkey provides affordable, high-quality healthcare thanks to its well-trained workforce, meticulous study of the latest technological advances and integrated treatment methods.

Some of the best oncologists in Turkey

Specialized in Nuclear Oncology, she graduated from Medical Faculty of Anadolu University Eskişehir, Nuclear Medicine Departmant of Osmangazi University Eskişehir, Nuclear Medicine Specialist, Neolife Medical Center, Sonomed Medical Imaging Center, Kartal Koşuyolu Education and Research Hospital, Acıbadem Hospital, ISO Quality System Management, Nuclear Oncology, Turkish Society of Nuclear Medicine.

Specialized in Radiation Oncology, he graduated from Trakya University Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine Radiation Oncology Department, Specialist Doctor, Erzurum Bölge Training and Research Hospital, Specialist Doctor, İstanbul University Oncology Institute, Assistant Doctor, Practitioner Doctor, Update Approaches in Larynx Cancers, 3rd Esmo Advanced Course, Lung and Gastrointestinal System Tumors.

Specialized in Radiation Oncology, he graduated from Istanbul University, Istanbul Medical Faculty, Residency in Radiation Oncology, he is the Head of Oncology Department, Neolife Medical Center, the Vice Director of Marmara University Institute of Neurological Sciences, the Head of Oncology Department, Marmara University Faculty of Medicine, Radiation Oncology Department Assistant Professor in Radiation Oncology, Marmara University Faculty of Medicine, Radiation Oncology Department, Full-time staff in Radiation Oncology, Marmara University Faculty of Medicine, Radiation Oncology Department.

Specialized in Internal Medicine, Lung Cancer, Breast Cancer, and Ovarian Cancer, she graduated from İstanbul University, İstanbul Medical Faculty, Taksim Education and Research Hospital-İstanbul- Internal Medicine, Associated Professor, Neolife Medical Center, American Hospital, Kayseri Education and Research Hospital (Obligatory Service), Istanbul University, Institute of Oncology, Medical Oncology Fellowship Program, Taksim Education and Research Hospital – Internal medicine.

Specialized in Oncology, she graduated from Sophia Medical School, Turkey Cancer Foundation, the Oncology Centre in Istanbul, State Hospital in Bulgaria.

Specialized in Clinical Radiation Oncology, he graduated from Istanbul University Oncology Institute Medical Physics in Clinical Radiation Oncology, Medical Physics Expert Ph. D., Neolife Medical Center, Medical Physics Manager, Arizona Cancer Specialists, Chief of Medical Physics Department, Arizona Oncology Services, Chief of Brachtherapy Physics Department, Cianna Medical, Inc. Aliso Viejo, Consulting Medical Physicists for Cianna Medical, Hacettepe University Department of Radiation Oncology, Ankara, Instructor, Fellow, Institut Gustave-Roussy Department of Radiation Oncology, France.

Specialized in Radiation Oncology, Professor at Acibadem University, Medical Faculty, Department of Radiation Oncology, Member of Turkish Medical Association, Turkish Radiation Oncology Association, Turkish Oncology Group, Turkish Gynecologic Oncology Association, European Radiation Oncology Association (ESTRO), American Radiation Oncology Association (AESTRO).

Turkey provides great healthcare environment for foreign patients, expanding cancer care services in its top facilities.

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